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For almost 45 years,the ground-breaking crystalline technology of Xypex Chemical Corporation has been serving concrete users around the world.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is home to the head office and primary manufacturing facility of Xypex Chemical Corporation. The crystalline technology that makes Xypex so uniquely effective in waterproofing, protecting and enhancing concrete, was developed in Vancouver in 1969. Since then, in both hemispheres, in every climatic challenge, and in widely varying construction situations, Xypex technology has been tested and proven.

Today, Xypex sets the standard of exacting excellence in its field, and continues to be specified and applied in more and more major concrete applications across the globe. The XYPEX crystalline waterproofing system is uniquely effective and long-lasting because it becomes an integral part of the concrete itself. XYPEX is proven in the waterproofing & concrete repair market for the past 40 years and used in over 70 different countries including India..........