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The Australian Marine Complex (AMC) is a world-class centre for excellence for manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, maintenance and technology servicing the marine, defence, oil and gas, and resource industry.

Located in Western Australia, 23 kilometres south of Perth, the AMC has been developed to enhance the opportunities created by the clustering of industries and is home to the largest marine industry in Australia. Long term concrete durability is an important factor for any marine structure. This was a key consideration in the decision to include Xypex Admix C-5000 as a component of the precast beams and soffit planks for the “Common User Facility” of the Australian Marine Complex.

The John Holland Group is constructing the facility, which represents an expansion of the East Wharf to create three new berths to allow for mooring of vessels for fitout

and refurbishment. Approximately 1,000 m3 of precast product was treated with Xypex Admix C-5000 at a grade of 50 MPa. Besides enhancing durability, benefits of Xypex Admix C-5000 include ease of application into the concrete mix, workability with vertical pours and the long term benefits of the Xypex crystalline process. Xypex C-Series Admix enhances the ability of concrete to resist sulphate attack, limits chloride ion penetration, improves the chemical resistance of reinforced concrete and accelerates autogenous healing of cracks.

Design of the Australian Marine Complex was completed by WorleyParsons and the precast concrete produced by Delta Corporation.