Western Australia's mid-west mining region has received additional and sorely needed export capacity, following the opening of Karara's 16mtpa iron ore terminal, and associated infrastructure.

9600 kg of Xypex Admix C-5000 was dosed into a concrete twin-car rotary dumper (or train unloader), which is also capable of bogeraldton car dumper 3 lrgttom dumping. Concrete permeability and waterproofing of the structure, including all construction joints, was an important consideration for the building contractors. The high water table and the proximity to the port raised concerns about the effects of hydrostatic pressure and the possibility of reinforcement corrosion from chloride contaminated ground water. Xypex Admix C-5000, incorporated into a specially designed 50MPa concrete mix, was successfully placed to achieve waterproofing and concrete durability for the receival pit and the underground conveyor tunnels of this important component of the Karara loading facility. Kuniseal C-31 DS Waterstop, also supplied by Xypex Australia, was selected as the waterproofing system for all construction joints.

The twin-car rotary dumper is a part of the Geraldton port and dedicated railway line which carries iron ore from the Karara project located 225km inland.