The Balmoral Rotunda was originally built in 1930 as part of the beach improvement program undertaken by Mosman Council.

Originally used for brass band concerts throughout the 1930s and 1940s, today it is used for festivals, events and weddings and is an important historical landmark in Balmoral.


ue to the harsh saltwater environment, the Rotunda had experienced degradation to the dome roof outer surface and ring beam, dome roof soffit and the podium slab, stairs and extended slab.

The dome roof outer surface had lead paint which had deteriorated, allowing chlorides to penetrate the structure over a long period of time. The ring beam exhibited severe spalling causing parts of the concrete to fall off over the years and the soffit had signs of the reinforcement corroding.

The original podium slab and stairs exhibited severe signs of surface deterioration and spalling, drummy and cracking concrete. The extended slab, which was placed several years after had severe spalling and was demolished.

To extend the durability of the structure a combination of Xypex products were used to bring the Balmoral Rotunda back to its former glory.

Xypex Megamix II was used to repair the spalling and missing concrete throughout the structure (due to its Rapid Chloride Permeability of 420 coulombs @ 90 days), Xypex Megamix I was then applied to the entire surface prior to a high build acrylic architectural coating.

Xypex Concentrate was applied to give the reinforcement and the concrete long term durability.

The extension slab was rebuilt and in consideration of the close proximity to the ocean, Xypex C-5000 was specified to ensure the durability of the structure.