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Spalling Repairs

By preventing the intrusion of moisture, chemicals, salt water, sewage and other harmful materials, Xypex protects concrete and reinforcing steel from deterioration and oxidation, and subsequently spalling.

The concrete is also protected against spalling, efflorescence, popouts and other damages caused by weathering, bleeding of the salts and internal expansion and contraction during the freeze/thaw cycle.

Concrete substrate should be clean and sound. All loose material and surface laitance must be removed, preferably by grit or water blasting. All corroded steel must be exposed, therefore the concrete must be scabbled to a depth so as to achieve a sound substrate. Continue chipping out the concrete to an approximate depth of 20mm behind the reinforcing. All scale and rust from the reinforcement must be removed prior to application of the Xypex system.

XYPEX SPALLING REPAIR SYSTEMS Repairs of Concrete Spalling or Honeycombing