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Xypex FAQ

How does Xypex enhance durability?

Xypex controls permeability which is a key link to greater durability, the long-term structural integrity, protective capacity and aesthetic qualities of the concrete. By preventing the penetration of aggressive chemicals, Xypex Admix C-Series helps control the problems of sulphate attack, leaching, alkaline aggregate reaction, carbonation and chloride induced corrosion.

What are some Engineered-specificed Xypex projects?

Some project examples include:

  • Panama Canal - Panama
  • Grimsel Dam - Switzerland
  • Ankara Metro - Turkey
  • Aomori Bridge - Japan
  • Allegria Wastewater Treatment Plant - Brazil
  • Gloria Ferrier Champagne Caves - USA
  • Revelstoke Canyon Dam - Canada
  • Sao Paulo Metro - Brazil
  • Sydney Harbour Tunnels - Australia
Is Xypex design friendly?

Yes. There are no adverse effects on mix design.

As an additive, Xypex Admix will not adversely affect the strength, slump, air entrainment or workability of the concrete as formulated in the mix design. With Xypex Admix inside, concrete is still handled, placed, finished and cured as usual. In other words, concrete containing Xypex Admix still behaves like concrete.

When used as a coating, Xypex normally produces a grey-colored, cementitious surface. However, Xypex “White” is also available.

Can Xypex be used for concrete remediation?

Xypex products are suited for both new and existing concrete structures requiring repair or refurbishment. Typical applications of Xypex product in a remedial scenario include crack repair, spalling repair and surface protection or reinstatement with the Xypex coating system. A comprehensive list of schematics are available for concrete remedial repair utilising Xypex concrete waterproofing & durability products. The schematics provide a solution for typical scenarios including pipe penetrations, joint details, crack repair and coatings.

How does Xypex protect and enhance concrete?

Xypex Resists Aggressive Chemicals

By preventing the penetration of aggressive chemicals, Xypex helps control the problems of sulphate attack, leaching, alkali-aggregate reaction, carbonation, and corrosion.Because Xypex is pH specific (not chemical specific) it will protect concrete from any chemical whose pH range is 3.0 to 11.0 constant contact, or 2.0 to 12.0 periodic contact.

Xypex Resists Extreme Hydrostatic Pressure

Xypex resists extreme hydrostatic pressure from either the positive or negative surface of the concrete slab. Because Xypex is not dependent upon adhesion to the concrete surface and instead becomes an integral part of the concrete mass, it is capable of resisting extreme hydrostatic pressure from either side (positive or negative) of the concrete.

Xypex Protects Against Freeze/Thaw Damage

By blocking the intrusion of water into concrete, Xypex helps protect the concrete from the damaging effect of repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

Xypex Provides Chloride Protection In Marine Environments

Xypex crystalline technology prevents ingress of water, salt solutions and many aggressive chemicals in both new and remedial applications. Xypex permits the concrete to 'breathe’ out existing moisture vapour whilst excluding the entry of further solutions.

Xypex Protects Reinforcing Steel

By preventing the intrusion of water, salt water, sewage, and most chemicals, Xypex helps protect reinforcing steel against oxidation and deterioration.

What are the key benefits of Xypex for Engineers?
  • Proven technology worldwide
  • Independent testing and certification
  • Technical support anytime, anywhere

Xypex concrete waterproofing products have been integral to engineering projects around the world for more than thirty years. By specifying proven, exceptional Xypex, you'll have added confidence in the work you do.

What is Value Engineering?

Xypex Admix is part of the Xypex Concrete Waterproofing and Protection System which also includes Xypex Coatings, Dry Shake and Repair products. This total system provides the product flexibility needed to realize the full potential of a Value Engineered concrete waterproofing strategy and the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

Better Project Control

Using Xypex Admix means that the waterproofing and pouring of concrete occur simultaneously. This means that engineers and contractors can exert much better control over the waterproofing production schedule.

Better Cost Control

Construction schedules can be accelerated and cost savings realized by eliminating most of the time and labor costs associated with traditional waterproofing methods. This makes Xypex Admix less costly to install.

Climate Control

Hot, cold, wet, or dry, the prevailing climate does not inhibit the installation of Xypex Admix. It’s already in the mix. Better control. A better solution

What is True Integral Waterproofing?

Xypex Admix is a specialty product that is blended into the concrete at the time of batching. It outperforms other methods because of its unique ability to become a truly integral part of the concrete matrix. Utilizing Xypex’s world-renowned crystalline technology, Xypex Admix seals the primary paths by which water and aggressive chemicals penetrate, attack, and ultimately threaten the long-term integrity of the concrete structure.